Wednesday, February 25, 2009


The silky oak was weeping
feathery leaves formed a shroud
as life was slowly seeping
the lillypilly bowed,

freshcut jacaranda
standing strong and proud
potted fig on the veranda
shook and sobbed out loud

Crows and doves and kookaburras
thrice the curlew cried
the vine of hearts was bleeding
but the lime tree died.

Leaves had slowly withered
then the branches dried
the palm looked on and shivered
but the lime tree died.

There was an inquisition
autopsy was performed
result was inconclusive
but opinions swiftly dawned.

Some blamed caterpillars
insects were maligned
the dog turned very sheepish
when urea was divined,

but time can quickly pass
and heal the worst divide
ferns and lemongrass
growing side by side,

a wave of green
a rising tide
that soon forgot
the lime tree died.

Denis Peel

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  1. Dear Little hat. By the times on these posts, you are not sleeping well. I suggest a strong Zombie (appropriate) may help: 90ml rum, 30ml pineapple juice, 30ml lime juice,2 tsp sugar syrup and 2 cups crushed ice.