Thursday, February 26, 2009

2003 Lime Festival and prize winning limerick

The 2003 Lime fesatival was very much a do it yourself affair, so there's no documentation to fill up this empty blogosphere. Not even a digital photo. Clearly almost a last century experience.

The (one) holy lime took pride of place on its velvet cushion centrally located for homage purposes surrounded by 200 decorative limes occupying every perch and post in the house.

It also featured a Lime.erick competition which was won by Julian Pepperril. He still remembers it and promises to send it for the archives. Any other memorised limericks would be welcome for the 2003 story.

Other highlights included Gerry Bebendorf's beauty facial workshop where she demonstrated her concoction of lime juice, kitty litter and a secret ingredient (read i don't remember) on a group of enthusiastic and bent women (no human was harmed in the development of this product). Results are still evident 6 years later (all litigation has been settled out of court).

The Carmen Miranda tea cosy was the prized prize in the raffle and Loani Prior attributes this event to the beginnings of her international career as Queen of the Wild Tea cosies with her book currently in the top 10 in the UK craft sales.

Mark Cryle performed a medley of twisted lime songs - think "I am the Limeman for the county - Witichita Limeman" (Mark will remind me of others).

Dr. Ian Ward presented an audio visual talk on the place of the lime in the history of contraception - including footage of Rona Joyner extolling the virtues of the citrus douche pre or post coitus as a natural birth control method.

and great FOOD FOOD FOOD. (Lime cake by Louise booth (circa 2007)

Not to mention clothes and costumes in dazzling and vile shades of ... yes of course lime.
More to come on 2003 as it becomes available. Eccentric ? Yes. Mad? Perhaps.

Julian's Limerick:

Steve Capelin who once was a mime
Now worships the cult of the Lime
This fruit declared he
Is the epitome
Of everything good and sublime.

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