Monday, February 23, 2009

Carmen Miranda - The Tea Cosy and the Lime Festival

Carmen Miranda - The Tea Cosy and the Lime Festival

Now, having initiated this Lime Festival, to further complicate this simple event, Mr Barren invited friends to create something hand crafted in keeping with the lime theme. His plan was to auction or raffle these items to benefit a cause in need. Mr Barren having suffered his winters of trial understood adversity and wished to alleviate such suffering in others. Among the works of art which were lovingly created for the night were a hand made mosaic tile featuring a lime in all its plumpness, a lime kite from a master kite maker, a full colour portrait of a lime dignitary of royal descent and many more but of particular note there appeared a hand knitted tea cosy adorned with the most amazing set of knitted fruit bursting with abundance from atop this masterpiece. This Carmen Miranda inspired creation was the prized piece and despite the general closeness of the group caused some jealousies to occur. The raffle was arranged so that each winning ticket holder could choose which item from the fine array on offer they preferred. Such was the power of this citrus creation that as ticket after ticket was drawn each winner studiously chose to avoid the prized tea cosy as if choosing would unleash a tidal wave of angst amongst this tightly knit group. Finally in a fitting irony after six tickets and six reluctant retreats from the opportunity to own this masterwork, Mrs Bounty was heard to cry after her ticket was drawn “Oh, bugger it. I’m not afraid of the bloody thing. I want it. And bugger the rest of you..” Ahhhh. The perfect solution. The serendipitous homecoming of the prize to its natural resting place. The origin of the Lime festival. No friendships were broken. No fights broke out. Justice had been served. The second miracle of the night emerged over drinks towards the witching hour when Grandpurlbaa, as she is now known, confessed that while she had knitted other tea cosies previously, this had been a quantum leap for her in her craft. It was evident that until this moment she had merely been knitting. The creator in her had suddenly been revealed and the rest, as they say, is history.

One small lime for a man, one giant leap forward in the art of the tea cosy.

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