Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hook Lime and Sinker

Deanna Borland-Sentinella, she of the 'Super Lime' persona (see Limenaries), missed the Lime Festival but did not forget. Travelling in Malaysia she discovered this postcard depicting a Hindu devotee sporting a crop of limes attached to fish-hooks embedded in his skin. It's the Hindu equivalent of the Christian Calvary ritual where, in some countries, men wear crowns of thorns and have themselves nailed to crosses as testimony to their devotion. In this Festival Hindus set out to test their courage by going to extremes in self inflicted pain in order to prove ........ something. I'm sure I'd be happy to be satisfied with a lowly place in paradise rather than do this.
Mind you it does lend some credence to the Supreme Lime 's claim to be from the subcontinent and speak with a heavy mock Indian accent.
Any takers for this costume at the next Lime Festival?


  1. What a fun blog is this! More chuckles than laughing gas. And the festival looked most fetching ...
    June also in Oz

  2. Tell the silly fellow with the fish hooks to try his lime with lemon and bitters! Add vodka, gin or anything except hooks! Religion suks!
    Sorry Your Liminess, I beg forgiveness if I hurt your peelings!

  3. "Put the lime in de coconut and drink it all up" means something entirely new after this :)!

  4. lol..I'll pass on the costume for now. D'you think they try a little citric juice squeezed into them self-inflicted wounds..? That I'd LOVE to see!!